Freelancing brings unmatched flexibility and in fact this is one of the most popular reasons for becoming a freelancer. Flexible working hours allows the freelancer to tailor his/her work around their life style and growing responsibilities. Another plus is that you only get paid for how long you work overtime is actually paid! Furthermore, if you like to set your own holiday and travel time, freelance allows you the option to go on holiday two weeks, or two months depend...

Freelancing In A Free World

Freelancing In A Free WorldFreelancing brings unmatched flexibility and in fact this is one of the most popular reasons for becoming a freelancer. Flexible working hours allows the freelancer to tailor his/her work around their life style and growing responsibilities. Another plus is that you only get paid for how long you work overtime is actually paid! Furthermore, if you like to set your own holiday and travel time, freelance allows you the option to go on holiday two weeks, or two months depending on your financial/business needs. Freelance work is also an excellent way to earn quick money and a good amount of it. Generally, freelance workers earn more money at an hourly rate than their permanent counterparts. Because the recruitment process for freelance is much shorter then for permanent roles, speedy turnaround allows individuals to get in and out of a project quickly and still receive a good income from it. Career Variety For those individuals who like variety in the workplace, a career as a freelancer enables professionals to work on a wide range of projects for some of the leading firms in the country. Freelance work can often improve career prospects allowing an individual to gain valuable experience on many different sector schemes while working for a variety of major companies. Another motivating factor is the desire to test drive a company before committing to a permanent position.Freelance gives the candidate the opportunity to see if a particular company works for them without any long-term commitments on their part. Recognizing that this has become a preferred option for many workers, firms are now opting to initially employee candidates on a freelance basis rather then putting them through the traditional probationary period of a permanent role. Freelance can be a good option for those who want to have more control over their working environment. A highly competitive market means that there is no shortage of contracts for an individual to choose from allowing for greater choices in where you want to work, the type of firm you want to work for, and the rate at which youll work certainly a tempting proposition for many candidates in any industry. Choosing A Freelancing CareerFreelance can be a great career move whether done independently or in conjunction with an existing fulltime job. There are three main points to consider when making a decision to head down this particular career path. Firstly- salary: freelance workers on average do receive a reasonable rate of pay. Firms realise that they have to pay more for better solutions. With the increase in the temporary market has come a rise in options for salary payments. However, it is important to remember that freelance salaries are subject to extreme fluctuation often a case of feast or famine. Therefore, it is crucial that jobseekers be able to plan ahead making preparations well in advance to compensate for an uncertain income, lack of benefits, moving location or travelling expenses.Secondly a freelancer must be able to accommodate an uncertain work environment. Freelance work often involves an extensive amount of travelling/relocating. The roles that are often offered may not always be the ideal choice for the candidate, but sometimes have to be taken due to income necessities. They must also be able to accommodate the company culture in their new job, and be flexible enough to adapt to new work practices and environments. Finally, situation it is important for new freelancers to consider their future in realistic and planned way. Training and promotions are not often available to freelancers as many companies dont perceive a temporary employee as a long-term investment. Consider your career goals will freelance help you to achieve these goals will it work against or work for your current lifestyle and future aspirations?The Smart ChoiceFreelancing and consulting are great ways to explore various career paths and revenue streams. Performing this kind of work on the side can be fulfilling, exciting and fun. Taking a chance to explore a new career, or explore the world of being your own boss is a great opportunity stretch yourself a bit. The best part is that you work for the best company ever: You, Inc. Take a chance. Do a little consulting and freelancing. You might find a whole new career is waiting!

How To Stand Out In The Jobs Crowd

How To Stand Out In The Jobs Crowd

Have you got what it takes to secure an executive role? Job hunting is stressful. Just spending time looking for appropriate jobs in the paper or on the internet is frustrating and you know that when you find one or two executive appointments that you want to apply for, you will be up against a lot of competition.Standing out from the crowd is important at every stage of the process. From your CV to your final interview, you want to be the candidate that impresses. Whether this is your first executive position, or you are a seasoned senior manager, you still need to make your application and interview different enough to secure the job.If youre dealing with an executive recruitment agency, there are three key areas where you need to be on top of your game in order to increase your chances of success:1. On the PhoneOften, your first direct contact with a recruitment firm is on the phone. A telephone interview is a real test of your skills, because you cant use eye contact of body language to reinforce what youre saying; you have to rely on being prepared, focused and flexible so that you create a great impression.2. Your CVThe key here is to focus on your achievements and experience, making everything you put on your CV directly relevant to the position. The internet is awash with information on how to make your CV more presentable, but there are some key points to remember: Keep it short Keep it relevant Put your contact details at the top Focus on things you've achieved, rather than your skills3. Your interviewThe interview for an executive appointment either as a preliminary with the recruitment agent or a first or second interview with the company is your best opportunity to show that you will be an asset to the business. Self-confidence is important, but not to the point where it could be viewed as arrogance. Use positive language and positive body language, give examples to show how you have achieved results in your current position and ask intelligent questions. Make sure you have researched the company well before your interview and double-check the requirements of the job.The executive appointments market is a competitive one, and following these steps could increase your chances of success.

Job Applications Common Interview Questions Part 2

Job Applications  Common Interview Questions   Part 2

What, would you say, is your greatest weakness?No one likes admitting to weaknesses, but this is a favourite interview question, and one you need to be prepared for.This is not the time to confess your deepest secrets or expose embarrassing mistakes you have made in previous jobs. You should choose an area in which you don't have quite as much experience or confidence as you'd like - something which you will have the opportunity to work on in the job for which you are applying.It should not be something which you are expected to have already mastered, but something which will be useful for the post and can be developed over time. If you will be expected to give regular presentations, for example, saying that you find this difficult won't go down well. However, if this isn't expected at your level, but would be once you've moved up the ladder, you might say that you find it a bit nerve wracking and could do with more practice.Check the job description and person specification for essential and desirable skills and be sure to choose something which is non-essential. It could be that you are unfamiliar with a particular software package which only plays a small part in the job.Once you have decided on your weakness, be sure to emphasize your willingness to improve and your awareness that you will have the opportunity to do so in the job.And your greatest strength? Many people have much more difficulty finding a strength than admitting to a weakness, but if you are asked to supply the latter, there is a good chance youll be asked for a strength as well. So be sure to prepare something.Which aspects of your present job are you naturally good at? Is there anything about your work which has been praised by managers or commented on by co-workers?If you are just leaving college, which skills did you develop as a student or in other activities such as voluntary work being a team player, researching information, communication skills? You should also relate your chosen strength to the job youre applying for. What is it that the interviewers want and that you know you can deliver? Your strength needs to be based on reality and should be strong. This is your chance to shine, to bring your best qualities and abilities to the attention of the interviewers. Saying youre quite good at working in a team wont cut any ice. You must illustrate your team-working skills with an impressive example, something the panel will remember when they come to make their decision.Preparation is the key to answering interview questions make sure you do it. Waller Jamison 2005

Pharmacy Technician Jobs Are Increasing With Changing Scenarios

Pharmacy Technician Jobs Are Increasing With Changing Scenarios

Pharmacy technicians are the front-end persons you see at pharmacies. It is they who actually do the routine work of dispensing medicines - receiving prescriptions, checking for their completeness, retrieving the medication, counting, weighing or otherwise measuring it, preparing the prescription labels, selecting suitable container and labeling it. The filled prescription is then priced and filed, and checked by a pharmacist before being given to the patient.In effect, pharmacy technician jobs involve helping the pharmacists with the routine tasks of filling prescriptions. The job requires training and certification to understand prescriptions, check their accuracy and completeness, select the right medicines and fill the order attending to all the correct formalities. Technicians might receive requests from patients or directly from doctors. They must be able to decipher doctors' handwriting and check that the prescription makes sense.Pharmacy technician jobs are thus more than merely filling tablets and capsules into packets. Technicians might even be required to mix the medication. Where they have any doubts or questions, they must refer these to the pharmacist. That means they must know when and how to ask the right questions!Other Technical Pharmacy RoutinesIn addition to filling prescriptions, drug dispensing also involves things like:

  • Creating and maintaining patient profiles
  • Preparing insurance claim forms
  • Reading patient charts at hospitals, preparing and delivering the medicines to the patients (after verification by a pharmacist)
  • Organizing the medication delivery to avoid mistakes (by assembling a 24 hour supply of medicines for each patient, packaging and labeling each dose separately in the patient's medicine cabinet), and getting the packages checked by the pharmacist
It is typically the pharmacy technician's job to stock the prescription and over-the-counter drugs in the pharmacy shelves, and to take inventory periodically. Pharmacy aides will help the technician in these and other routines such as keeping accounts, answering phones and handling money.Becoming a Pharmacy TechnicianAs would be clear from the above, the pharmacy technician job require less drug-related knowledge than is needed for a pharmacist but much more knowledge than what a layperson has.You have to become a certified pharmacy technician by passing an exam to be eligible for a pharmacy technician job. Technician training gives the trainees the skills and knowledge needed to perform the kind of work discussed above.After completing training, you would typically have to get a state license to work as pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technicians have also to attend specified hours of continuing education through contact classes to be eligible for re-certification every two years.Pharmacy Technician Job ProspectsA growing and older population, who typically use more medication, means that there will be an increasing demand for pharmacy technicians. New drug discoveries, for treating more and more conditions, also mean greater need for trained technicians able to fill prescriptions correctly.Wherever possible, employers will prefer to employ the less expensive pharmacy technician than a highly trained (and consequently expensive) pharmacist.Pharmacy technician jobs are estimated to grow faster than most categories of jobs.

Consider Early Retirement Carefully

Most people, even if they love their jobs, perk up at the thought of early retirement. They can quickly come up with a list of many reasons why they would be crazy not to take an "early retirement" if it was offered to them. There are many great things about taking an early retirement, that is for sure, but there are some things you should consider carefully before you decide to end your working career.The benefits of early retirement seem obvious. Not having to work full-time means having more time to do things you enjoy more than work. The thought of spending everyday doing things you love sounds too good to be true, right? Who would not love hour after hour to garden, read, get in touch with friends or join clubs in your community? Taking an early retirement means having more time to travel and spend with family and close friends.You must take time to consider with caution all of the ways your life will change because of taking early retirement. Think beyond all of the pleasures and freedoms you will enjoy and consider your financial situation for a moment. Do you have funds in place that will be able to support you if you take early retirement? How will you pay for your home, cars, insurances, and desires to travel? It is much easier to dream about the kind of life early retirement would allow than it is to pay for that kind of life. If you have a family, you must also consider the responsibilities you have to provide for and support them. Are all of your children through college? Are there significant events like weddings that are yet to be paid for? All of these questions must be answered honestly before you decide that early retirement is right for you.Another thing to carefully question before you decide on [*_*] is how your life will really look without a full-time job in the picture. Sure, having no job sounds great now, but are you really prepared to break away from all that your job has required of you? Many people that have chosen an [*_*] end up regretting the decision when they start to actually miss work and interaction with co-workers. Chances are strong that your job has played a bigger role in your life and happiness than you realize, so be careful to weigh carefully the pros and cons of leaving your job for an [*_*].The main thing in deciding about [*_*] is not to rush the decision. Take your time, consider all of your options and know yourself well before making a huge life change. If it is right for you, [*_*] can be full of joy and blessing. If, however, you jump into [*_*] prematurely, you may be sorry for the rest of yourlife.

The New Generation Of Young Women Leaders Study Defines Skills Needed To Fulfill High Aspirations

How do today's young women see themselves and their futures? A recent student-designed survey from an innovative high school came up with some intriguing revelations.Compared with high school boys, high school girls are significantly more likely to see themselves as leaders, are just as likely to say they would run for U.S. president, and have higher college aspirations than their boy counterparts. Susan Schulz, editor-in-chief of CosmoGIRL!, says, "Girls embrace our mantra, 'Born to Lead,' because this is the first generation of girls who grew up playing alongside boys on the soccer field, stealing the ball and scoring goals. Now that these girls are teens, their goals include working their way to the corner office, including the Oval Office."The national, online survey of over 1,500 teens, designed by Miss Hall's School, an all-girl high school, also found that more than 70 percent of girls versus 50 percent of boys desire a job where they can help others and make the world a better place. Head of School Jeannie Norris says, "Teen women are rejecting the old-style, top-down models of leadership and are embracing a new style, one that utilizes teamwork to solve problems."A significant finding of the study, however, pointed to a "leadership gap." In responding to real-life leadership dilemmas, girls do not always follow through on what they know to be best when friendships are involved. For example, a girl might not vote for the better candidate in an election if her best friend is running in opposition. Inhibiting girls' decision making is the priority they give to personal relationships. One of the major implications of the study is that girls need to be taught the skills that allow them to work through difficulty while staying in relationships with peers. Historically, girls' high aspirations for leadership in high school do not translate into significant increases in numbers of women in the top echelon in any sector. Norris says, "In order for young women to sustain their ability to lead beyond high school and into their adult lives, they must become comfortable with assuming authority and resolving interpersonal conflicts in a way that holds true to their values." Another significant finding is that girls who are comfortable with their personal authority-i.e., girls who self-identify as leaders-are more likely to act on their values. Norris says, "Girls who have the inner confidence to claim that they are leaders seem to be freer to do what they know is right." Self-identified leaders also tend to do better in school, bring an activist approach to problem solving, and hold higher aspirations for their futures.


Freelancing brings unmatched flexibility and in fact this is one of the most popular reasons for becoming a freelancer. Flexible working hours allows the freelancer to tailor his/her work around their life style and growing responsibilities. Another plus is that you only get paid for how long you work overtime is actually paid! Furthermore, if you like to set your own holiday and travel time, freelance allows you the option to go on holiday two weeks, or two months depend...